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Pak-Sher Press Releases and Customer Testimonials

Pak-Sher Launches Recycling Program with Primary & Elementary Schools

Kilgore, TX  September 17, 2014

Pak-Sher Recycling Program In The News

Kilgore, TX February, 2014:  Pak-Sher received media attention last month when it's local recycling program was featured on the local CBS affiliate newstation.  Pak-Sher hosted 300 5th graders involved in the recyling program at our plant in Kilgore, TX.  The students, who collect bags for recycling, were able to see what happens to all those collected bags, from grinding to pellets through film extruding, printing and converting to new bagts.  The recycling project is designed to educate children about the benefits of recycling and attack the plastic bag litter problem head on, by offering the community a way to collect and recycle the bags. While plastic bag bans generally force retailers to convert to paper, which can have a negative long term impact on the environment, this program encourages capture and recycling of plastic bags and closes the loop by using the recycled bags in the manufacture of new bags funneled back into the community, a true closed loop recycling program.  Click here to watch the newscast!


Pak-Sher introduces the first and only truly sustainable 100% PCR pop-up interfolded deli/bakery sheets.

Kilgore, TX June 2013:  Pak-Sher announced today the launch of Envirosheets™, a revolutionary new bakery/deli interfolded sheet that is produced using 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic), meets FDA guidelines for direct food contact, and is manufactured and packaged at the Pak-Sher plant in Kilgore, TX.  The only product of its kind in the world,  Envirosheets are 100% made from recycled milk jugs.  Pak-Sher credits their unique film manufacturing process for their ability to create a reliable and inexpensive 100% PCR product.  In fact, this product is less expensive than the wax or paper sheets that are prevalent in the current market. 

"This product will be a game changer”, said Paul Gage, President and CEO of Pak-Sher.   “Finally, supermarkets, delis, bakeries, and convenience stores have a truly green product that will help them achieve their sustainability goals AND can improve their bottom line.  Until now, that was a fantasy in the packaging world, but we’ve turned fantasy into reality!”


Envirosheets provide the same benefits as virgin poly sheets: moisture barrier, microwavable, easy-grab interfolded packaging, and more cost effective than paper or wax, with the added benefit of sustainability. Every case of Envirosheets is made from 8 to 19 (depending on sheet size) recycled milk jugs that may have otherwise ended up in our landfills. Envirosheets are just the first in a line of maximized PCR content products Pak-Sher plans to offer. They plan to continue to bring more sustainable AND economical products to market in the coming year.


Pak-Sher Announces Paul Gage as New Company President


Plastics Industry veteran poised to drive product development and company growth.


Kilgore, TX,  September 27, 2012 – Pak-Sher, a manufacturer of plastic take-out bags, food storage bags, deli-bags and food handling products, today announced the appointment of Paul Gage as Pak-Sher’s new president.  Gage comes to Pak-Sher from Hood Packaging’s Plastics Division in High Point, NC, bringing nearly 30 years of experience in plastics manufacturing, sales and marketing management, and product development

 Paul brings a proven track record of success with companies in the plastics industry” said Herbert Stern, Chairman of the Board.  “His experience in manufacturing and sales along with his personality and entrepreneurial mindset are exactly what Pak-Sher has been looking for in a leader.  Under Paul’s leadership, we anticipate significant growth, innovation and continued commitment to our customers.”  
"I am very excited to have the opportunity to be working for a company with such an impressive history of exceptional quality, innovative products, impeccable service, and environmental responsibility”, said Gage.  “My training and background, combined with the solid management team and highly experienced employees at Pak-Sher, provide a foundation to bring additional value-added products and services to the customers in our target markets". 
Gage has extensive experience leading large manufacturing organizations, developing and implementing long range strategic plans and generating solid revenue and profit growth.  He has developed several  flexible packaging technologies and products, and is the holder of two patents with another pending.  Prior to Hood Packaging, Gage served as Vice President/General Manager of Exopack’s Industrial Plastics Division, where he engineered a turnaround resulting in a significant increase in earnings.  Before joining Exopack, Gage served in several executive level positions as COO of ISO Poly Film, President of Rex International, and VP Of Manufacturing and Technology at CT film.  Gage holds degrees in both chemical engineering and microbiology from Montana State University.

Pak-Sher Program Gains National Recognition

August 3, 2012...Pak-Sher received national attention last month when it's local recycling program was featured on page one of the July 16, 2012 issue of Plastics News.  The recycling project is designed to educate children about the benefits of recycling and attack the plastic bag litter problem head on, by offering the community a way to collect and recycle the bags. While plastic bag bans generally force retailers to convert to paper, which can have a negative long term impact on the environment, this program encourages capture and recycling of plastic bags and closes the loop by using the recycled bags in the manufacture of new bags funneled back into the community, a true closed loop recycling program.  To read the entire article, click here.

Pak-Sher Receives Small Business of the Year Award

December, 2011...On December 1, 2011, Pak-Sher was awarded the Community Small Business of the Year award for their commitment to the local East Texas Community.  The team at Pak-Sher has worked tirelessly this past year to develop a local recycling program and to provide education about recycling and the environment to the children at Kilgore Intermediate School.   The award was presented to David Motley, Pak-Sher's CFO by the famous former Dallas Cowboy Drew Pearson at the East Texas Small Business Conference.  Before the awards presentation, Mr. Pearson spoke about  teamwork and about sucess.   He drove home the point that the most successful people in life are always surrounded by the best and the brightest.  The Pak-Sher team's work in support of the local Chamber's Keep It In Kilgore motto, and the Celebrate What's Right theme at Kilgore Intermediate School is a shining example of teamwork and success.

Local 5th Graders Invade Pak-Sher To Learn About Recycling on America Recycles Day!

November, 2011...As part of Pak-Sher's commitment to Kilgore Intermediate School's  "Celebrate What's Right" theme, they invited 600 5th grade students to tour the bag manufacturing plant and see first hand what happens to "BOB".  BOB is a "bag of bags", a term coined by Andy Adams the school principal.  Andy wanted an easy way for the kids to understand what the recycling program was about.  A "BOB" contains approximately 75 plastic grocery-type T-Shirt Bags, equivalent to 1lb of recycleable material.  For every BOB brought to school for recycling, the students are entered into a weekly drawing for movie tickets.  

In celebration of America Recycles Day, Pak-Sher plant managers and staff took the students on an in-depth tour of the plant, where they saw how BOB was ground up into resin, made into new plastic film, printed and converted into bags.  It was an educational event for students, teachers and the Pak-Sher team who were riddled with question after question about the process and about recycling in general  The pictures below tell the story.


Pak-Sher Teams Up with Local Community to Create Plastic Bag Recycling Program!

September, 2011...A public/private partnership in Kilgore, Texas kicked off "Celebrate What's Right" on Friday Sept 30, 2011 at Kilgore Intermediate School with a presentation promoting the benefits of plastic recycling to fourth and fifth grade students.  Kilgore Economic Development Corp. and the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce have joined forces with PAK-SHER, Kilgore ISD's Intermediate School and Cypress Interactive to involve the students in a coop recycling program utilizing new equipment at PAK-SHER, a Kilgore company that has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of carryout and kitchen prep packaging since the early 1970's.

"This project is a multi-generational, hands-on learning experience melding economic, social and ecological behaviors", said KEDC Executive Director Amanda Nobles. "It benefits PAK-SHER and their green marketing efforts, and teaches students that green is not only what's right but also what's

To participate, students will collect clean, empty plastic bags in classroom receptacles in exchange for tickets that will be drawn bi-weekly for $10 movie cards to 4 Star Cinema in Kilgore.  Additional prizes will be awarded to top collecting students, classes and teachers. And to "Keep it in Kilgore" the recycled product will be offered to area retailers. Students who then return the recycled product back to the class will receive an additional ticket.  A receptacle also will be located at the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce for public participation. PAK-SHER's goal is to collect a minimum of 1,600 lbs. of clean, empty plastic bags to produce 100,000 bags.  This project represents the ultimate circle of recycling, using Kilgore waste to make new Kilgore product!   Learn more about the Kilgore Recycling Project Partners.       

 For more details see article in the Kilgore News Herald.     

Pak-Sher Earns Superior Ratings in Independent Audits!

August 2011...Silliker, Inc., American Institute of Baking International (AIB), and Yum Brands recently completed intensive audits of Pak-Sher operations in Kilgore, TX. The results? Superior ratings across the board! Auditors reviewed plant processes, manufacturing processes, equipment condition, maintenance procedures, sanitation procedures, pest control procedures, quality assurance systems, product safety systems and product recovery programs. They also reviewed procedural and food safety program documentation to ensure that every program is administered regularly and consistently by all employees. Pak-Sher employees take pride in their facility and they have been consistently rewarded with outstanding audit scores they receive year after year. from these important independent agencies.

Pak-Sher has a history of superior ratings from these organizations year after year, standing high above the pack in sanitation and food safety. Many products are FDA approved for food contact and their high ratings with AIB, Silliker and YUM! guarantee an unparalleled commitment to safety and quality.

Pak-Sher Hits a Home Run at Safeco Field!

April 2011...For several years, the Seattle Mariners have been striving to become as green as possible. At the same time, Pak-Sher was directing significant resources towards developing compostable versions of traditional plastic film products.

Their efforts converged when the custom design team at Pak-Sher designed a compostable trash bag specifically for the Diamond Club section at Safeco Field. The Mariner's Keybank Diamond Club is an exclusive section behind home plate, where food and drinks are delivered right to your seat! This section offered Safeco a unique opportunity to control waste disposal, creating a true cradle-to-grave scenario. Food and drinks are delivered in compostable cups on compostable trays and each seat is equipped with its own trash bag for waste. After the game, the trash bags are collected and the compostable waste sent to Cedar Grove Composting Facility.

However, there was one big problem in the Keybank Diamond Club Scenario: while the waste was compostable, the waste receptacle was not! Thanks to Pak-Sher, that all changed when the Seattle Marinersf 2010 season opener saw Pak-Sher's trash bag affixed to the back of every seat in the Keybank Diamond Club section. Pak-Sher's Compostable Trash Bags will now have the best seats in the house at every Mariner's home game!

To learn more about the waste reduction efforts of Pak-Sher and the Seattle Mariners, request a copy of the case study:   Seattle Mariners and Strategic Partnerships:  A Success Story in Waste Diversion and Conservation

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